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Let’s NOT be at all confused and think that the MSM suddenly grew a conscience. No, that is not the case. They are the same old shills they always were.

It started as anonymous grumblings from Democratic Party operatives talking to the New York Times about the president’s job performance. But now, we’re seeing louder, on-the-record screams about Biden’s competency. These primarily concern the president’s age and polling, which suggests his diminishing reelection chances. Take Politico’s new reporting on the progressive groups now openly calling on Biden to abandon plans for a second term.

What has changed is their benefit calculus. It is suddenly (and a bit early) in their best interests to jump on the “Bash Biden” bandwagon. It is not their preference, but it is a “conversion” of convenience. Like uncontrolled sliding down a steep mountain toward a cliff and screaming,”Please God, help me!”

But, of course, once the crisis has passed, behavior quickly returns to baseline. Sorry, but “death-bed repentance” is really not all that convincing…

And Joe Biden himself can’t even bring himself to do that!

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