Current Events Truth

Yes, yes.

Unless there is once again massive voter fraud!

Dems are just realizing the jig is truly up, and that’s what’s got their party sweating collective bullets over Tuesday’s arrival. They can’t prevent a full-fledged democracy event from breaking out, however much they’d tried to impede and massage it in their favor.

The Left has lost a HUGE platform to lie. NOW they get fact-checked and shamed. They are used to making “royal” pronouncements without ever having to logically defend them. Hopefully, those days are indeed over!

Truth is seen by having two sides argue a point. Our Judicial system is even predicated on that! Now it seems that Lefties might have to start arguing and logically justifying their case. And THAT is something, from 2007 or so. that Lefties have studiously avoided. NOW they may have to occasionally leave “The Bubble,” their “Circle of Safety.”

I hope so. Because I am interested in TRUTH, not in changing to a Lefty religion…

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