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I think it is part

and parcel of Democrats’ strategy to categorically refuse to debate the issues. They won’t defend their positions AT ALL. Lefties most often will no longer even have friends with whom they disagree! They will simply tolerate no disagreement with their precious, precious selves. fini

In response to this refusal to engage, the country is dividing. You are seeing more and more conservatives becoming “Leftugees” and fleeing their Lefty state. They are leaving the Left coast and moving to AZ or UT or ID. They are leaving New York State and moving to Florida. And the flight has just begun.

What that does is make Democrat states even more deeply Leftist and Conservative states even more deeply Conservative. In short, the gap between the two groups widens, as has happened over and over again throughout history. At some point, it all divides into tribes and leaders of tribes.

I mean, just look at how “normal” Eastern (rural) Oregon is trying to break free of kooky urban Portland to become part of Greater Idaho!

I’ve been warning you! It has been clear to me for well over a decade that this split is happening. Wise people saw this coming.

The Founding Fathers tried to avoid such a split by instituting Federalism, the Electoral College, and Senators chosen by state legislators. And it was a great, even inspired, approach. Not surprisingly, ALL these things are attacked by the Left.

The Left has run wild with, “One nation,” but they have rolled their eyes back in their heads and reared like a spooked stallion at, “under God, with liberty and justice for all.” For them it’s, “One nation, damn you!

I really don’t think a “National Divorce” is the answer (it simply can never work). But Federalism sure is!

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