Political Strategy

Yes, yes.

Start here.

There IS no flash-in-the-pan Republican savior who will come out of nowhere and fix everything. Donald Trump was a once-in-a-century anomaly.

No, to really change things, you start with school board races. That way you not only affect policies that are important to the everyday lives of regular people, but you develop a deep “bench” for future offices.

It’s why you ALWAYS vote Republican for “minor” offices. Now the Left has started to try and obscure the party affiliation in more minor races. You know, don’t put their party on signs, etc. THAT is because party affiliation matters a great deal, and it most often cuts against Democrats.

Ask yourself, cui bono? Just who benefits from not displaying party affiliation? Democrats, natch.

When I voted recently, I was fortunate enough to have a “smart phone” where I could look the candidates up and see party affiliation while I voted! You watch, the next regulation is to ban smart phones in the voting booth. Lefties can’t afford to have informed voters, right?

Remember: There is a very good reason that Lefty candidates pretend to be Conservative and it is virtually never the other way around. And THAT should tell you something!

Lefty strategy: Do Lefty “dog whistles” so Leftists know that you are indeed actually a committed Leftist (Tip: say you are a “Moderate”), avoid ALL debate because your actual Lefty positions might become known, then hide and lie and pretend you are Conservative once elections come around once again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Here is the rule of thumb: Lefties always pretend to be Conservative when election time comes around. Those on the Right never pretend to be Lefties!

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