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Yes, now we

are seeing a frantic (and legally strategic) walk-back.

Look, I’m very glad the NY Times is finally backing away from their stupidity, but there have been HUGE human costs. OF COURSE they won’t apologize–this is as close as they will come to it. They certainly won’t risk legal liability by apologizing!

But them walking it back is cold comfort indeed to kids who are now forever damaged. But no, the NYT won’t apologize. Ever.

Why? Well, they are trying hard to reduce the legal damages to them. Second thoughts? No. Merely an attempt at mitigating legal damages and escaping legal liability. Obviously, the lawyers got involved, and THAT’s why this frantic backpedaling is happening…

A small number of people are making a great deal of money from the “trans” fad at the expense of troubled children. Liberals in general, and the Democratic Party and the New York Times in particular, have been their enablers. A reckoning is coming–and, as I said, sooner rather than later.

Two words: Recovered memory. This fad is about over. It’s already starting to collapse. We’ve seen this happen before. But who wants to be the last boy to have his wankie surgically removed or the last teen girl to have her breasts lopped off?

Young victims need to start suing their surgeons (it’s already happening)! And teachers, who encouraged them, and regular docs who prescribed hormone blockers, and parents who led them like bleating lambs to the slaughter, and psychotherapists who encouraged and aided such devastating, self-destructive behavior…

ALL these folks had a fiduciary duty to protect these troubled kids. But they didn’t. They failed in that duty. Remember this phrase: “They knew or SHOULD have known.” You will see it in court. NOW let’s see how the courts apportion responsibility and damages…

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