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That is just BRUTAL! Watch the video.

Trump was a mere symptom of the amazing irritation and aggravation that the entire world is facing! Yeah, he may or may not be President again, but he put his finger right on the festering pustule that is “Global Elitism.”

And some leaders around the world are informed now by this same spirit.

The TRUTH is that it’s not about Trump the person. Giorgia Meloni (among many others outside of the U.S.) shows that. The MSM has tried really hard to ignore people rising up around the world, but I don’t think they can forever.

Folks, it was never about Trump the person.

The Trump flag is a phenomenon I have written about for years. I have noted that this wasn’t really about Trump himself — it was mostly about the conservative populist movement, using the name of its only standard-bearer to let people know they were not going anywhere. At that point, no one else had stepped up to fill the void. And so the flag bore the Trump name.

And that is what is so existentially threatening to the soi-disant global “elites.” THAT is why they ginned up all the Trump hatred they could. That is why they have cheated so hard in elections. They wanted us to think it is all just Trump.

They hoped that maybe if they could stop him they could forestall the flood–it was their only hope. And they knew they could fool spleen-thinking US voter hordes into following them, to share in their irrational hate.

But the sea-wall is starting to fracture and they are standing there with their fingers in the dike frantically trying to prevent a deluge. Can they do it? Well, they will certainly try…

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