Political Strategy

I think that all

this change is actually strategy. This is Biden being thrown under the bus. The damning details are coming out, and while they were initially quashed by a compliant MSM, they just can’t be hidden forever, especially with the GOP controlling the House.

So it is “Kick Biden to the curb” time. Yes, yes, that was always the ultimate plan, but we’re seeing it more and more now. The Mid-Terms are over, after all…

I was curious how the New York Post would cover the “confirmation” yesterday of its two-year old reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Steven Nelson’s story supplies what might be an air quote in the headline: “CBS ‘confirms’ Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after Post broke story.” 

Look, it was state-sponsored censorship. But now Biden has become far less useful. And THAT is why CBS and other Lefty sources are finally reporting what many of us have known very well for the past four years!

This dodge serves two purpose: First, it is of course a CYA for Lefty “news” sources trying frantically to preserve a shred of credibility. But the second reason is to get rid of the stinky dead albatross hanging on their necks known as Joe Biden.

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