Voter Fraud


<checks Dem talking points> significant voter fraud, eh?

Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

It’s a bad situation. The Democrat cheating was indeed rampant, and we ALL are much worse off for it.

The only “kind of” silver lining is that in truth most people actually DO reject the mixture of stupidity, evil, pomposity, and naïveté that characterizes the Democrat party.

But Democrats can only win if they cheat. And hiding, avoiding and cheating just is not a viable long-term strategy. Democrats simply have put forth NO substance. Their ONLY talking point is that they are not Donald Trump.

Rest assured, whoever runs for and gets the GOP nomination will be a bogeyman. He or she will be “Literally Hitler.” Aaaaand… that’s it! THAT will be the entirety of Democrats’ spleen-based “argument” for not voting for them.

So yes, the wheels of Truth DO grind slowly, yet they also grind exceedingly fine…

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