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Not at all a

surprise to me, DeSantis is Trumpism without the baggage of Trump. The Left wants to pretend that it is all about Trump. But it’s not. And LOTS of people are far too brainwashed by the MSM to ever vote for Trump. DeSantis very nicely gets around that personal hang-up.

There are a lot of “closet” Lefties (pretend moderates) who whined complained that it was JUST Trump that they hated. You know, like it was JUST Romney and JUST McCain and JUST GWB! But know without a doubt that as sure as Leftists will say Republicans are “literally Hitler,” it will universally (among partisans) be “just DeSantis,” also. Indeed, it has already begun…

See, DeSantis lays bare that hypocrisy! Eventually you squint your eyes and greatly suspect that their professed moderation is mere sleight-of-hand! You say, Hey wait just a doggone minute! Why are ALL Republican Presidential candidates “literally Hitler?”

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