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Yes, we are

seeing the U-Haul Revolution.

The fear I have had is that stupid Leftists would infect the normal, regular areas. But that actually doesn’t seem to be happening. Quite the opposite, actually

The “pull” of self-selection is jut too strong. What seems to be happening is a self-perpetuating cycle where “red” and “blue” decide to each go to their preferred “corners.” So the red places naturally get redder and the blue places naturally get bluer…

As I have been saying lo these many years: It is a common rule of humanity that eventually groups of people get different enough that the two groups simply can’t stay together any longer. So they separate. And it is a very natural separation. Inevitable, actually. Tale as old as time…

Federalism was conceived and implemented precisely to avoid such a schism. The Electoral college, Senators chosen by state legislatures, States running their own shows with only a very few exceptions, etc. The Founding Fathers were indeed wise.

BUT, the Left has continually attacked and tried to destroy Federalism. Often under the garb of “Democracy” and “fairness.” But this stupidity indeed may end up bringing the whole structure down.

No one wants that!

If things had just been run as designed, these problems would have been minimized…

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