Fighting Back Losers Poetic Justice


Sounds like a great game!

These butt-head protestors need to start paying a little price for their despicable behavior! Up until now, normal people have been just way too polite to take the mickey out of them. Hopefully, that is changing.

I mean, this is pretty dang mild! Maybe it should escalate to a spray bottle of water! Or maybe that could be considered, “Assault.” I really don’t know. Check it out for yourself in terms of liability…

As I look back, it seems like the turning point was when a trio (?) of idiot protesters glued themselves to the floor of a car showroom and the workers just turned out the lights and went home, leaving the idiots to get hungry and crap/pee their pants. I think THAT is the model…

This video is just AWESOME! Regular people are getting pretty dang sick of this foolishness!

I really don’t want anyone to get hurt, but it’s time to push back against these despotic idiots! It’s time to get creative

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