The master plan

was ALWAYS to chuck Joe Biden under the bus. And it’s happening.

I am not a Trump fan, nor am I a Never-Trumper. I’ve always been kind of ambivalent about the man. But every aspect of Trump’s life, warts and all, has been relentlessly scrutinized, and the calls for his dismissal from politics and the public square have never ceased. If the Left wants to put Trump under a microscope, fine. But they had better make sure that their closets are skeleton-free as well. Especially in this case, in which there are apparently other women who have similar claims against Biden. We are talking about sexual assault.

If Biden is guilty of these crimes, he needs to be removed from office and face charges. The Left spent plenty of time going after Trump and just about any other conservative it could get in its sights. Maybe because he who has the most to hide yells the loudest.

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