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Yes, it’s a problem.

Apple is despicable, and I very much want to get rid of my iPhone and get a different brand. I have to get a new phone soon, anyway–after 5 years the one I have is a bit long in the tooth.

BUT, I am trapped in Apple’s ecosystem–which, of course, has been their strategy for years. I mean, some of the hassles are mere inconveniences, but there are a few more major issues. There is content I don’t want to lose that I will if I change over. Sure, there are complicated work-arounds that take me 90% there, but it simply is NOT an equal swap.

Plus the fact that I’m an old bugger, and having to start learning a new system is not all that enticing.

Still, I don’t want to support “woke” slavers. And in the end, THAT may well lead to me ditching my iPhone. Still, it’s not like other manufacturers are much better, so it may be just going from “terrible” to “really bad.” I feel like I am between a moral rock and a hard place.

I need to think about it…

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