Energy Logic

Yes, the

battery/storage problem totally dooms wind and solar power. But here are the arguments I have heard:

  1. Yes, it sucks right now, but by subsidizing it you encourage people to invent things in this area. Technology will eventually save us, and we will someday be able to spin gold out of straw.
  2. We use REALLY big, commercial batteries, not drugstore Duracells (NOTE: the technology is exactly the same, and bigger is in no way qualitatively different. It is just MANY drugstore Duracell batteries bound together!)

In other words, the amount of energy storage that Germany is planning for 2031 is between 0.016% and 0.036% of what it actually would need. This does not qualify as a serious effort to produce a system that might work.

The bottom line is that wind and solar suck. You can say that it will work someday. To which I say, “Yeah, maybe…”

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