Basic Economics

I honestly don’t

know how “Biden’s” utterly catastrophic spending has gone under the radar as much as it has.

Sure, there has been criticism of his horrible fiscal and monetary policies (the two are related, but different) that have led to rampant inflation. But it is the explosive-diarrhea (fiscal) government spending has been the main driver of inflation. The inflation is merely the tsunami, but “Biden’s” fiscal and monetary policies are the earthquake that caused it.

Trump was intuitively good at some of this, which is not surprising given his background. But I don’t know that he fully grasped (intellectually) all the issues. He just did what made sense, and of course it was good.

I mean, under Trump, real income for the poorest among us jumped. “Biden” has been a freakin’ nightmare for these same people. Team Biden (Joe himself has very little to do with such things–they may as well be speaking Swahili for all he understands) has made us ALL poorer. Well, except the very top earners. THAT’s how Leftism works!

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