Election Fraud Immorality

Oh it was

no accident!

Court witness: “These are not a bump against the printer and the settings change,” he explained. “There are security configurations….”

… When asked whether he had “personal knowledge” that the printing errors could have changed the outcome of the election, Sonnenklar replied, “had there not been tabulator issues at 132 vote centers, this election would have resulted—would have ended up with Kari Lake winning.”

There was more than enough fraud to turn the elections

And there’s more:

Honey went on to testify: “They weren’t following the legal requirements for chain of custody. There were seals on the containers when they transported them, but the specific issues were that they were just cutting them open, taking the ballots out, putting them in trays without regard to how many; there was no documentation.”

… Canadian lawyer Viva Frei gave Lake high marks for what she was able to achieve in court Wednesday. “Anybody who says today’s hearing is not an abject disaster for @katiehobbs is simply not watching the trial,” Frei tweeted. “Kari Lake is doing better than anyone could have possibly imagined, even with the limited scope of her claims before the court.”

So do those Democrats who FIRST said there WAS no voter fraud and THEN said there was no significant feel sheepish now? How can you not with just bald denial of actions?

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