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You know,

that is virtually for sure true. I’ve wanted to support McConnell, to be on his side. But I just can’t. I am too much a Conservative and he is too much a Lefty swamp creature.

The Kentucky Republican claimed giving more money to Ukraine is “the No. 1 priority for the United States right now, according to most Republicans.” The new $1.7 trillion Democrat spending bill he enthusiastically supports would give Ukraine another roughly $45 billion in assistance, bringing the total over the past eight months to more than =$100 billion, a staggering figure even if it weren’t happening during a time of inflation, looming recession, and other serious domestic problems.

He is SO out of touch! It ALL is indeed staggering. He kept Merrick “the elephant man” Garland off the Supreme Court, and that is no small feat. He deserves to be lauded for it. And because of that, RvW is gone. Truly impressive. And I am grateful. And millions of babies will go un-murdered because of it.

But he has one spectacular feat to his name and dozens of turdy ones. REAL change almost for sure requires that he go. Sorry, and thanks for the fish (to quote a video game).

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