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Funny thing:

Interesting event this morning: I started having some ear pain yesterday. Niggling. But last night it got worse and by this morning it was a lot worse, still. Stinkin’ middle ear infection. So I went to an urgent care place this morning. I figured a course of antibiotics, but I was irritated because I couldn’t, in good conscience, go see my mom in a nursing home tomorrow with a raging ear infection.

So I went to an urgent care this morning. Ugly wait, since it IS Christmas eve. BUT, it turns out that I don’t have an ear infection at all! When I tried my new earbuds a couple days ago, one of the rubber earpieces came off and became lodged near my ear drum. So the doc got some thin tweezers and pulled it out. I am cured!

Just goes to show you that you don’t always need antibiotics for ear infections!

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