Leftugees Political Strategy

Did you somehow

NOT think that this would eventually happen? There is always (at some breaking point) a division of the people when belief systems become too disparate. We’ve seen that over and over in history.

THAT was what Federalism was designed to avoid. Weak central gov’t and strong state and local gov’t. So it’s scary that Leftists routinely attack Federalism…

OK, but still:

Even with possible fudging, the Census Bureau’s latest interim report shows that Blue states are losing population while Red states are gaining population.

… As in the old divide between Communist East Germany and the free West Germany created by Konrad Adenauer after World War II, people migrate towards freedom. In the wake of the great Wuhan Pandemic lockdowns, it is no surprise that more people chose to move. Unlike Germany, there is no wall to prevent internal migration within the United States toward freer states.

Now there is indeed a worry that Leftists will move from their Lefty Hellholes and infect the more rational places they move to–I am sure there are examples of exactly that happening. And there is a very significant worry that Lefty drones in the Census Bureau will fudge the actual numbers to give Leftist states more power than they deserve (I mean, it’s pretty dang obvious that fraud is a staple of Leftism!).

But on the whole, those who are motivated to quit their jobs, sell their homes, and face new settings are conservatives, Leftugees who have just had enough of their Lefty Hellholes. There is indeed a great division going on. The actual voter data show that these Leftugees are, in fact, usually even a little more conservative (on average) than the current residents.

Because once they have been forced to drink from the bitter cup of Leftism they are not anxious to once again stain their lips…

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