Political Strategy

There are indeed

some significant problems that the Democrats face, electorally.

First and foremost is that they can’t win on the merits of their arguments. So they have therefore eschewed argument altogether, focussing almost exclusively on their tradition and culture instead. But I just don’t think that is an enduring solution.

See, the problem with that avoidance approach is that they can then ONLY win by voter fraud. Look at Joe Biden. Look at Katie Hobbs (who refused to debate). BOTH very clearly “won” election through voter fraud.

But what that means is that the majority of people rejected their political philosophy. And while the voter fraud dragged their sorry carcasses over the victory line in the recent past, it is NOT a stable path to victory. So we are seeing the Democrat embrace of voter fraud because their actual policies are not popular enough to win.

Virtually ALL Democrats pretend to be far more conservative and fair than they actually are so they can get elected. But again, this is not a stable state. Sooner or later regular people, even with the frantic efforts of Democrats to deny the obvious fraud, get hip to the Democrat “3-card Monty” scheme and say, “Hey, now wait just a doggone minute!…”

And THAT is the ray of hope, here.

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