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I agree that in a

perfect world, Scalise or Gaetz would become Speaker Of The House.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. And pretending that we do won’t make it so. It’s just a bad move.

So I agree that McCarthy is not my first choice for Speaker, but he is virtually for sure the best available and realistic option. And he has acted more conservative lately, which gives me hope. I know the sting/stink of Boehner and Ryan is deeply concerning to conservatives. And rightly so. Indeed, those RINOs just sucked.

But there is a decent chance, here, of thwarting “Biden’s” worst impulses. For the sake of the country, we should do so. We need to be a little strategic, here.

Politics is NOT the art of the ideal, it is the art of the possible. And while I would indeed prefer Scalise or Gaetz, I just don’t think that is possible.

Look, Republicans, due to the utterly bumbling incompetence (or malice) of their leaders (<cough> Mitch McConnell<cough>) along with massive Democrat voter fraud, have a very slim majority. We must not waste this window of opportunity by engaging in internecine squabbles.

McCarthy has made significant conservative noises, lately. And with a lowered bar to “vacate the chair,” I think this is the best we can do.

Don’t let “perfect” become an enemy of “good.”

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