Culture Morality

Yes, karma is…

not fun.

But understand well, didacticism in art, which is the very purpose of Lefty “art,” is anathema to ALL creative expression. What remains is bald propaganda.

So first it was the squelching of comedians–“There’s nothing funny about Leftism, comrade!” Then it was movies that could be seen as sympathetic to traditional morality or somehow are twisted into being offensive. NOW we are at the, “Leftism-eats-its-own” stage, where a truly Lefty creator has to prove himself or herself to be beyond the reproach of the Lefty harpies, and even a toe out of line immediately brings gnashing, screaming flying monkeys.

It just is not sustainable. Soon you will see “Wendy’s” commercials mocking Lefties. Again. But this time it will mock Lefty karens.

Now I gotta tell you, I don’t like (and have never liked) the vulgar humor of Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor. As a teen, I was somewhat into the Punk Rock scene, but there was NO question in my mind that there was some pretty nasty stuff, from a morality perspective.

BUT, an overweening and sickeningly oppressive Leftism prevents artistic expression. So to get good stuff, you have to allow some bad stuff to be created.

But Leftism just can’t do that. It can’t allow anyone to put a toe out of (the party) line. And THAT is artistically and intellectually stifling. It’s how you get what was mocked in that Wendy’s ad…

AKA Johnny Rotten

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