Illegal Immigration Lefty Squalor Poetic Justice

Let me

“assist” you!

I like where this is going.

“We were notified yesterday that the governor of Colorado is now stating that they are going to be sending migrants to places like New York and Chicago,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams told reporters on Tuesday, making a splash Polis might have hoped to avoid. “This is just unfair for local governments to have to take on this national obligation,” Adams complained, adding that he was only informed of that this effort was underway the night before.

When contacted by Politico, [Democrat] Polis’s administration defended itself. Denver is only assisting asylum seekers in their efforts to reach their final destinations inside the United States, and they’ve been doing so for weeks.

Uhm, GOOD! Stop whining!

Lefties need to start feeling the pain caused by their utterly boneheaded, vicious policies!

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