Yeah, the bills

can be passed, but does it make a difference when the Senate won’t vote for them and the President won’t sign them?

I honestly don’t know how immediate “the power of the purse” in the House is. My guess us that if the things were approved, the funding was, too. And so we’re stuck with the crap that has already been passed by the Democrats and RINOs, unless a change goes though both the House and the Senate and is signed by the President.

In that case, fat chance of any relief!

But honestly, I don’t know how it works. Maybe there are ways…

UPDATE: My understanding is that the law itself is not at all changed. But the funding is how the House, unilaterally, is putting a stop to it. So 87,00- new IRS agents can still be hired, just not paid.

If anyone understands what is happening here, please jump in!

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