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Honestly, I

think the key question is NOT why a kid would be at a drag queen show. Oh sure, there are… issues around why a parent would expose their precious child in such a way. Oh, there’s a lot to say about THAT!

But the overarching question for me is why drag queens would want to “perform” in front of kids. Indeed, there are only a few reasons why they may want to do so:

First, obviously, is predatory grooming. And I think that is a HUGE motivating factor. Even more traditionally gay people recognize that and find it despicable! The “LGB” crowd often has no desire at all to be associated at with the “QT+” crowd!

But it is quite clearly bald-faced grooming; It is meant to increase opportunities for child sexual exploitation as well as increase the number of (eventually) adult participants in the future.

Second is a sort of self-justification by the drag queens. If they can get people to normalize their aberrant behavior, they can more fully fool themselves into thinking it is OK or even good. They have their chance to be in the “cool kid” crowd (for a brief, shining moment), and they are NOT going to miss it!

Finally, there is a weird exhibitionism inherent in the personality structures of these folks. There is VERY much a Histrionic Personality Disorder aspect to this! NORMAL people simply don’t exhibit like this!

Well-adjusted people don’t give a crap about displaying their sexuality. Disordered people do.

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