Political Strategy

Sure, it

could happen. But it virtually for sure won’t. Grandpa Gropes is ALL the Democrats have for 2024! Unless and until there is a potential electoral option to replace him that we don’t yet know about…

But since there are NO (public) options that are even as good as (let alone better than) Grandpa Gropes right now and none even on the horizon, he will face NO real investigation. It will just LOOK like it.


BUT, the hit squad has still been activated! Maybe just for show–just Kabuki theater to fool the rubes, but one never knows for sure where it will lead. The difficulty the “fat cats” have is finding the very thin border between covering up for Joe and covering their own butts. And it may well be that it has been determined by the Democrat “fat cats” that Biden needs to go. If so, it probably related to Republicans re-taking the House–you know, make him a very literal scapegoat–it’s ALL his fault!

THAT is why all this is coming out NOW, after six years! This NO accident! The political “hit” has been put out. Biden will virtually for sure be dispatched, but not by Republicans. By his own party. The cause of his demise will be a knife–in his back.

Just ask Andrew Cuomo…

You need to watch this!

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