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one thing to say:

It is interesting to note that the events in question are ischemic strokes. Ischemic strokes are caused by a loss of blood flow to parts of the brain, so they are a vascular phenomenon, suggesting that ischemic events could clearly be happening in other parts of the body.

Like, uh, THE HEART!

This is certain to fuel speculation about the apparent rash of sudden deaths and heart attacks in otherwise healthy people, although the CDC is very careful to say that right now they only have a “safety signal,” not anything definitive.

You believe the CDC, right? Oh, and they discovered this in November. They just didn’t get around to telling you about it for almost three months.

But I suspect there is a legal cause of action here: If I got the jab, say, right after Thanksgiving, and was equivocal about it but did it because I trusted the CDC, isn’t there some liability involved? Even if I didn’t have a stroke or myocarditis, NOW there is ongoing anxiety about what the future holds!

The CDC had a duty to provide information, they violated that duty, and I had damages that were a direct result of that violation.

And what if I were denied surgery or treatment because I wasn’t vaccinated?

I’m no attorney, but isn’t that a tort? Asking for a friend…

Understand, the effort to “whitewash” the vaccine issues now is NOT to protect Pfizer, et al. It is to legally protect the government and the schools and those employers who demanded the jab! Pfizer, et al. are already indemnified! The others? Not so much…

For enterprising lawyers, there is a gold mine, here! Can you say, “Class Action?”

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