Political philosophy

I’ve long been

telling you: Crappy and unfair law enforcement virtually always leads to vigilantism. And THAT is a real shame, since vigilantism is FAR more prone to mistakes than is a well-functioning justice system.

And those vigilante people don’t at all feel bad about what they do–in fact, they feel fully justified. THIS is the natural consequence of a hobbled Justice system.

Americans have a very long and prominent history in art, theater, culture, and actual practice of vigilantism. How often is, “He got off on a technicality” the main theme of a drama? It is a main theme in virtually ALL popular movies.

Think “Batman.” Think ALL the Charles Bronson movies. Think Star Wars. Think Harry Potter. Even in Kenny Rogers’ song “Coward Of The County.” THINK!

Johnny Rotten

I am NOT endorsing vigilantism. I don’t like it. But you don’t have to be a vigilante to understand how such a thing might come about.

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