Current Events

Some think that

Biden is already toast. And, in truth, there is a pretty darn good argument for that. I’m not totally sure we are there yet. But we’re rapidly getting there…

I think it most likely true that we are seeing the “Deep State” taking Biden out, with the DNC cheering them on. It’s hard to see him staying on. But if he survives, he will be a shell of the shell he already is!

Now maybe Biden, Inc. can salvage things. You know, pull the proverbial fat out of the fire. But right now it really does not seem likely. One more (there have been three already!) discovery of mis-handled documents and it is over!

But another threat is that there is some other, even relatively minor, historical or current faux pas on Biden’s part. THAT would be likely to sink the whole ship! The House is already in Heaven at the probability of malfeasance charges and/or outright Impeachment. There is blood in the water.

And in such a case, the DNC may well just throw Biden to the wolves in a frantic effort to save themselves. Plus, there are many things already that would do it! So yes, these are perilous times indeed for Team Biden.

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