Corruption Current Events

Yes indeed.

They are running out of excuses.

Early on in the scandal, I commented that every person going out on a limb to defend Biden would eventually have it sawed off out from under them. That’s happened multiple times at this point with the slow-roll of documents being found coupled with the White House’s purposeful obfuscation of the timeline. These latest developments have the left running out of ways to move the goalposts, though.

… Now, with a fifth trove of documents being discovered, this time by the DOJ itself, claims that Biden was unaware he had all this stuff no longer make any sense, and that’s left his defenders nowhere else to go. 

… No matter how much the left asserts otherwise, the fact is that Biden violated the law. To the extent that Trump possibly did so in a different way (though, he has the legal case to make that he declassified the documents he possessed, a power Biden did not have) is irrelevant. The standard of the law is not “but the orange man.” Cooperation after the fact does not make a crime disappear. [emphasis added]

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