National Budget

Here’s an

unorthodox (and maybe heretical) idea: How bad would a partial government shutdown be?

Not ideal, I agree. Bond holders would realize that there is real risk and therefore there are indeed changes in the country’s ability to borrow. But catastrophic? Hmmmm…

Maybe government ought to live within its means, eh? Perhaps there are things the FEDERAL government has no business doing, anyway.

Because down deep, we ALL know that you can’t keep spending forever. WE live within a budget. I don’t at all think it’s too much to demand that the Federal government does, too.

Voters: Go ahead and shut down the government!

Most voters believe that uncontrolled federal spending is the reason Washington has burst through the debt ceiling again, and they’re OK with shutting the government down until Democrats and Republicans come up with the needed cuts to bring down the debt.

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