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I guess I’m

really not sure that Abrams tanks are really going to make much of a difference in Ukraine. Hear me out:

Ukraine is getting several different tanks from different countries. Many of the are advanced–just because you can use Leopards from Germany doesn’t mean you can use Abrams tanks from the US. So there must be extensive training on each and every platform.

And that training has to be continual–there WILL be losses in personnel. And the training is NOT cross-platform. Just because I can drive an American armored personnel carrier doesn’t mean that I can drive a German Leopard 2 tank! Now increase that by seven!

And then what about repair? Sometimes machinery breaks down, you know. Does Ukraine know how to fix those tanks? Do they even have the spare parts?

So, the fact that you have sexy new battle tank means squat diddly doo in and of itself. Tank warfare is about training, planning, and logistics every bit as much as it is about strategy, lead, and steel!

Advantage: Russia

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