Morality Political philosophy

You know,

it’s funny. National events show that in many ways, the country is getting more conservative. From the attempt of eastern Oregon to join Idaho to the repeal of RvW to the need for Democrats to cheat in order to gain and maintain power to court and cultural losses to the anti-gun nutters.

I’m NOT saying that the struggle against evil is over (it’s certainly not), but there are “sparks” of good sense and morality that are oozing out of many places.

Like the fact that there is no longer a complete philosophical monopoly that crushes any non-Leftist thought in social media. There are starting to be more philosophically neutral alternatives to things like PayPal, even! The non-partisan news organizations are thriving–still a beleaguered and persecuted minority that the Left superciliously writes off, but they are certainly there and in little danger now of being squashed out entirely (regardless of what despotic Leftists want).

I believe that the right will ultimately prevail, though it will take real and ongoing effort–evil never sleeps! And time. But be of good cheer. Still, WE need to all get on that train, for our own moral health, if for nothing else.

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