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from me–my own musings: Joe Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the country. He KNEW it was coming, and that it might be transmitting. But he did NOT shoot it down over the uninhabited wilds of Northern Idaho. He did NOT shoot it down over the uninhabited wilds of Montana. He did NOT shoot it down over the uninhabited wilds of the Great Plains.

Once it was done spying on the US, he shot it down, needlessly, over the deep Atlantic Ocean. Just as it was leaving our airspace forever. Where it would be FAR more difficult (or even impossible) to recover (especially since HE decides who can recover it and how and what they will do with the information if they do find it). THOSE are the facts.

Now, as humans, we are faced with assigning meaning to those bare facts–putting flesh on that skeleton, so to speak. We now interpret those facts in terms of the mindset and intentions behind them.

You can interpret the bald facts any way you’d like. But your take on it is about YOU, not merely the bald facts. It is your interpretation of the facts.

And the way I interpret it is about ME. It is my interpretation.We already know the unprocessed facts–those are not in dispute. And as unadorned facts, they are entirely non-meaningful.

So, the persuasiveness of any interpretation is what is key, here. WHY do you believe what you do? THIS is the reason Leftists so often refuse to argue a point. Because at heart they are Post-Modernists, and the hammer that built Caesar’s house can also destroy Caesar’s house!

They are faced with, “Yeah, that’s just like your opinion, man.”

And they have not a single cogent response to it. They are hoisted on their own petard, so to speak.

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