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I agree that

for a person grounded in traditional morality, AI is scary. It is a total game-changer. And it seems to tip the playing field –“Dasein is thrown“–in Heidegger’s famous words. In other words, the playing field is “tipped” in one direction or the other, and its “tipped-ness” (or thrown-ness) is totally invisible to us. It is the water we swim in, and so is transparent.

AI is often used to try and tip the field even more–toward Leftism. For example, there is a video of Joe Biden saying some things. BUT, it never happened! Still, there is no way just from looking at it that you can tell it’s a “Deep fake,” but it certainly IS!

So the enemies of truth are marshaling HUGE pressure through AI’s technology. BUT, believers have used technology many times in the past for good. For example, yes, there is a lot of porn on the Internet. But I can also use the Internet to find ancestors, be informed, and be uplifted.

In other words, it’s about my own conversion.

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