Political philosophy Straddle

I’ve been telling

you this for a while, now.

We know that historically, when two sides get a certain distance apart in terms of morality, they split. The two groups CAN just no longer stay united. So the split is both natural and inevitable.

Now Federalism was designed from the get-go to help mitigate this known problem. And Conservatives have long looked to Federalism. Leftists, on the other hand, are FAR less disposed to “live and let live.” See, Lefty political philosophy precludes that approach. No, for real Lefties it is all about control, force, and dominion.

It’s NOT a long-term viable mix.

In my often-cited example, when there was just a trickle to straddle at first, it could be easily done. And in the 1970s it was a viable response.

But the water has gone from a trickle to a small ditch. Then to a big ditch. Then to a canal. And now it is a raging whitewater river. The time is here when you can no longer straddle–you can’t stay in the “mushy middle” because that is quickly becoming not a place at all! There ARE no more “blue dogs,” see? Name a SINGLE “moderate” Democrat currently in office. You can’t.

You can be hot or cold, but not lukewarm.

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