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Tonight is

the night! Let’s see what happens.

Fearing it would contradict their carefully constructed narrative that the riot had been “an insurrection” and “terrorist attack,” Democrats, citing “security concerns,” have managed to withhold this critical footage from the public for over two years.

But it won’t matter to some Democrats who are frankly delusional.

Like the joke of the two medical Interns who were doing a rotation in the ER when a delusional guy came in and said that there was a radio implanted in his head.

The Interns argued that such a thing was impossible. The guy was unimpressed and held tightly to his delusion. Finally, one intern got a bright idea: They would do a head x-ray and prove it!

So they fully explained what an x-ray was to the guy, and he agreed to have one. So he did. As expected, the films came back and showed no radio in his head. The Interns smugly showed the x-ray “proof” to the patient. At which point the patient angrily said:

Who switched those films?

And so it is with ALL delusions.

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