Dishonesty Wisdom

I honestly

am amazed at the 180° turn from the Left on the idea that COVID came from a Chinese lab. Last year, for example, you were called a racist (or worse) if you suggested it. “Don’t say Wu-flu!

But now it is common knowledge. Even the government and the CDC now admits it.

And I have not heard a single admission on that. Not a single one. They were wrong, and they should admit it. AND, if they were wrong about this, what else might they be wrong about?

BUT, they can’t forever ignore the facts, and one naturally wonders about the motives behind their behavior. Just WHY were they so wrong? Maybe they are not all that reliable or knowledgeable after all. And maybe they don’t have our best interests at heart, anyway. Maybe they were just bleating Lefty sheep who were beholden to a particular ideology. And THAT is far too psychologically threatening to their puffed-up sense of self!

But see, when a person admits that they were wrong and says how they will change to make it less likely that they will be duped again, it gives some confidence. But when they just whistle past the graveyard, it gives one very real doubts about how trustworthy they actually are!

Now here’s a thought experiment: How will folks react next time the government tells us there is a pandemic? Isn’t there some old story about a boy who cries, “WOLF!”?

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