Oh, that is

very nice. Even so, I think it is a difficult issue. The abortion part is morally very easy, of course. Very few will admit to loving infanticide. Some, but a distinct minority. The moral agency vs morality part, however, is harder.

I’m certainly not saying that this was the wrong choice–there are a TON of things that are illegal (including murder)! And elective abortion is an utter abomination. Still, there is some moral agency argument to be made, here…

That being said, I think this is a good call.

Lawmakers in Utah said the bill would protect “the innocent” and “the unborn,” which was previously passed in 2019 but didn’t go into effect until the Supreme Court overturned¬†Roe v. Wade.

The law has angered pro-abortion advocates, who are threatening to find a way around the 1,446-line pro-life bill. 

Reports are that Moloch is also HIGHLY displeased…

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