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In order to

succeed, Trump needs to get back to his roots. And that means that he can’t dwell on the “slings and arrows” that the kooky Left have constantly thrown at him, and get back to focusing on making the country great again.

Yes, he has been regularly treated horribly by the MSM and the entire “usual suspects” contingent. And no, it really hasn’t been fair at all–it has been grossly unfair. I think most of us understand that very well.

But the main thrust of his campaign has to be on the American people in order for him to win. It can’t be based on just offense at having been grievously mistreated.

Trump was a very good President, and he has plenty to hearken back to. And he should. The facts are overwhelmingly on his side.

As long as the “righteous anger” is primarily about the chronic Lefty mistreatment of Americans, it works very well. But if it becomes primarily about revenge for Trump’s mistreatment, it will fail.

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