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You don’t

say! He/she LIED?

The woman who wanted to be a man and shot up a Nashville Christian school she once attended lied to her parents about her guns — all seven of them.

… And that’s important because had authorities known about Hale’s mental issues, she wouldn’t have been able to buy the “seven firearms from five different gun stores here, ” Drake told reporters.

Gee, whoda thunk that you could just lie?

And why choose a school? Oh yeah…

As I reported earlier on PJ Media, police say the killer’s manifesto revealed that she’d considered other places to target, but after they were shown to have security — men with guns — decided to go for the soft target instead. “We feel that these students who were targeted were randomly targeted” — because it was a no-gun zone. Drake said that, in Hale’s manifesto, “there are several different writings about other locations.”

Yeah, but those other locations had security: Men with guns. THAT’s why she chose a school. She knew that they would be unarmed and that police were minutes away. DUH!

Enough stupidity! It is getting our children killed! Honestly, if I were a parent of one these dead kids, I would try to sue the school (and whoever) for creating this dangerous situation! THEY are liable.

Lefties, stop lying!

The troubled killer, who was undergoing mental health therapy and was possibly suicidal, chose the school because there was no one with a gun who would fight back and put her down. [emphasis added]

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