Epic fail Evil


what is WRONG with him? Does he no longer have any propriety or human kindness? Hey, why not open this somber speaking event with a few jokes? You know, lighten the mood a bit…

The next day, asked by reporters if he agreed with a Republican senator that Christians were targeted in the attack on the Covenant School in Nashville, he made a nasty partisan gibe. 

…. He is not interested in comforting the bereaved or reassessing his own role in stoking the mental health crisis that’s engulfing America’s youth, or speaking against the current anti-Christian fever in the country. 
The victims of Nashville’s Covenant School are just another political weapon to him. 

All he has is sociopathic indifference in the guise of vacuous virtue-signaling.

… But he doesn’t even pretend to look for a good-faith remedy that everyone can get behind.  

And YOU, did you vote for him? Are you a party to his evil madness? This guy is a NASTY piece of work…

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