Psychopathology Strategy

It’s kind

of… odd, isn’t it? Do you wonder why?

It’s plain as day that the manifesto makes Trans-genders look bad, because if it didn’t, it would have been out already. But I really don’t think it can stay hidden forever. The Left just wants to stay hidden long enough that they can say it’s “old news”once it does come out

Because the manifesto may in fact point not to the sins of the Right but rather to the sins of the Left, there is reason to hide it and avoid the discomfort of self-examination!

Let’s just say that self-examination is NOT any Lefty’s strong suit…

Their goal is to be RIGHT, not to be self-reflective!

See, introspection causes a Lefty pain. They strongly suspect that they are actually not perfect in terms of good and bad, and so they avoid looking–that thunderclap of reality would a HUGE narcissistic injury to them. Because them being right and them being “good” is one and the same.

For usually the same reason a Lefty will avoid ALL debate and discussion with others with contrary ideas Anyone who enters the arena of ideas might find that they are wrong, and Lefties simply could not psychologically tolerate that! So the manifesto must stay hidden. Lefties are far too psychologically fragile to confront the issues that it undoubtedly calls forth.

And there is why it hasn’t come out yet!

If the manifesto were leaked by a merry prankster tomorrow and it is what we all think it is, you would hear a giant shout of “I’m melting!” from the Left.

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