Well, Portland

sucks. Even Lefty toadies don’t want to live there!

Stare wrongly at the wrong homeless person, cut off the wrong car in certain neighborhoods, or just be a bystander when the gangs start shooting, and you could end up dead. Was it always so? Not like this.

Pretty much the model of the Lefty Hell-hole!

Downtown hasn’t recovered. Businesses are still fleeing. Slabs of plywood cover many street-level windows. Intractable homelessness besotting block after block and open-air shooting galleries have turned Portland into a no-go zone for thousands of locals and decimated the tourist and convention trade. The pandemic played a part in creating the current malaise, but that’s over, and there’s been little discernible bounce-back.

It’s funny: Lefties in conservative states love to prance and prattle and strut. But they never move to Portland! For good reason…

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