Age-related decline Media Flying Monkeys

Et tu,

New York Times?

I’m telling you, the “hit” on Biden is out.

Have you noticed that there seems to be a campaign emerging to second guess Joe Biden’s decision to run for reelection? Throughout his first term as president, the legacy media and progressive online sites have turned a blind eye to Biden’s obvious decline, both mentally and physically. Suddenly something changed. Over the weekend, two major newspapers published editorials pointing out that Biden’s age cannot be ignored.

See, the MSM is usually a BIG cheerleader for any Democrat. But they are also prone to abruptly turn on you in certain circumstances.

They blithely pretend that them being a total Biden suck-up isn’t actually the truth, but in reality they have very much been shamed for their servile, partisan hack behavior. So they are eager NOW, in this small window of time, to show that they are not just sniveling, cringing Wormtongues. And that renders them more likely in the immediate-term to turn on Joe in kind of an overcompensation sort of way.

They are indeed cringing, but they are also threatened both financially and in terms of their self-image. In dogs, they call this “shy-sharp.” Don’t kid yourself, a cringing dog is a dangerous dog! “Biden” is dangerous…

My prediction is that once Biden announces, the MSM will be fully on board the Biden Senility Bus™. But until that happens, their support is far less stable…

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