Captain Obvious

Forcibly brings

to mind the old parable of the tar baby

As the devastating effects of the “Inflation Reduction Act” start to come to fruition, crushing the oil and gas industry while driving up inflation and increasing federal government spending, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is doing his best to run away from the legislation…which he pushed over the finish line with his vote and onto President Joe Biden’s desk for signature. 

… After Manchin cast the final vote in favor of the bill, his poll numbers in West Virginia plummeted. Since then, he’s been back peddling and did so again during a Senate hearing last week. He expressed concern about “scamming” the American people, when the scam was in the legislation all along. 

You know who’s the scammer? Joe Manchin.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, Joe. It tolls for THEE! No matter how hard he scrubs, the stink of this pig is always with him! THAT’s what happens when you are a craven suck-up.

Manchin is a fraud. He pretends to be “a moderate,” but when the chips are down, he is actually just another mindless and spineless hard Leftist. And he will sell his own constituents out in a New York minute! NOT a guy you want to share a foxhole with… <sigh>

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