Yes, modern

“environmentalism” IS a cult.

In a TedTalk, sociologist Janja Lalich identifies the key elements of a cult: “A cult is a group or movement with a shared commitment to a usually extreme ideology that is usually embodied in a charismatic leader.” Roger preached martyrdom—he pushed everyone to sacrifice more in order to “fill the jails”—and used fear and control as tools for wielding power. I’d often be asked by reporters if XR [Extinction Rebellion] was a cult, and I’d say no. But it was. 

Yeah, it’s a cult, all right. For the slightly less extreme, it’s merely a hardcore religion, complete with charismatic leaders, orthodox doctrine, sins/forgiveness/indulgences, and a very pronounced eschatology.

Finally, I told Andrew Neil the truth: “I’m not here to talk about solutions.”

Yes, cultists never talk about solutions! ONLY about impending doom and the “sins” of others. THAT should clue you in as to what you are dealing with…

And another way you can identify brainwashing in general: Cultists won’t discuss or debate or even defend their ideas to a staunch or well-reasoned “unbeliever.” Interestingly enough, THAT has become the unspoken policy of the Left…

There is the deep-seated Lefty Manichean urge to classify things as either deep black or stark white ONLY. Those who are “saved” certainly won’t honestly debate things and put their ideas at risk with those who are “damned,” right?

They will only preach to the choir. They will only air their thoughts to the “Amen Congregation.” They eschew reason, logic, and science (all “White Privilege Concepts,” remember?). It’s ALL about how you feel.

There is a deep denial of Truth–except theirs, of course (Post-Modernism). They will never step outside of their “circle of safety.” Their beliefs are tightly tied to their foundational sense of superiority, so being wrong is not just a mistake, but an existential threat that must be defended against at all costs.

And THAT’s how you know that they are a very “culty” religion!

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