Anti-scientific stance Civil Rights

Yes, by all means,

call out the liars.

The scientific data are clear as a bell. But the gun controller nuts are FAR from scientific! You can’t sit down and make “reasonable” gun laws with these kooks because they are not reasonable!

I just get tired of these unscientific, pre-modern goons who stupidly bleat that we need to go back to the Samurai era where the young and strong enslaved the weak. No thanks—I am a modern man…

Gun-control costs lives and endangers our children in their schools. Before you can believe that you need to know that armed defense by ordinary citizens is common. Americans use a firearm to stop threats of death or bodily harm about 2.8 million times a year. That’s over 7600 times a day.

…We started to train and arm volunteer school staff a decade ago after the mass-murder at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. We have now accumulated several thousand man-years of experience with these armed volunteers. You might have missed that their efforts have worked in the best possible way. The presence of armed teachers and others has prevented attacks at their school. Let me underline that for you.

We have never had a mass-murder at a school that had a program of trained and armed school staff.

If you are going to swim in these gun waters, you need to know your crap! <sheesh!>

I’m giving you facts, but facts don’t matter to gun-control ideologues. For them, the ideal of gun-control is an end in itself rather than an instrumental means to save lives. Mass murders are simply an excuse to disarm more honest citizens.

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