Change Rebellion

It’s important

to understand, my generation loved to rebel. We were kinda rural and into punk rock–the more offensive (but good music) the better. Hey, I drove an old pickup in high school with a full gun rack and The Stepmothers or Suicidal Tendencies or the song Kiss Me Deadly blaring out of the tape deck. We guffawed at the unbelievably offensive Blazing Saddles, Mel Brooks’ History Of The World, and Monty Python. We toilet papered peoples’ houses. We “pranked” businesses by stealing the JB’s “Big Boy” or the auto shop’s “Muffler Man (both of which at times ended up in the front yard of friends). One of our dads had a video camera (rare in those days), and we made hilariously funny (but a bit irreverent) videos. We got in trouble for putting rubber fishing worms in the ketchup bottles at diners.

Years later, I was driving through my home town with my new wife. She suggested that we stop at a place and eat. I said, “I’m not sure if they would recognize me–I have a lifetime ban from that restaurant…”

And to be honest, some of that media stuff was pretty bad (as in immoral) crap. But you know, we ALL grew up to be upstanding citizens with jobs and PhDs and community leadership roles and kids and professorships and all that!

Today’s generation of youth are mainly uptight, depressed cry-bullies whining about “micro-aggressions.” We would have quickly given those Nimrods a swirly and mocked them mercilessly after sending them on their way with an atomic wedgie.

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