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Yes, hit pigeons

flutter, and Joe Manchin is fluttering fit to beat the band!

He let his Lefty sycophant freak flag fly, and now he is paying the price, plain and simple. What on earth was he thinking!? And not just from an electoral perspective.

The truth about Sen. Manchin is that few political figures in American history have surrendered so much leverage and political power for so little in return than he did when he caved into the demands of Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and cast his vote for the IRA. Before that vote, he was without any question the single most powerful member of not just the Senate, but the entire congress. But after the vote, his leverage surrendered without anything concrete in return, his power was gone.

Now (to quote Mary Poppins) Manchin is reduced to making “pie crust promises”–easily made and easily broken. WV voters should get rid if this weenie come 2024.

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